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How I broke my skin addiction to lotion.  I started putting soothing body lotions on my legs and arms over 20 years ago, and now realizing that our skin is the largest organ on our body and thereby absorbing every chemical laced in the lotions I was using, including neurotoxins like propylene glycol (antifreeze) and endocrine disrupters like PBA, among so many more dangerous but common chemicals. But my skin was now addicted to lotion and not producing sebum on its own.  I tried many lotions which were organic to help sooth my cracked dry itchy skin and suffered for months, tempted to buy the chemical laced brands that provide instant relief, but I did not.  Finally, I started using pure aloe with a drop of Citrus Blend essential oil from Young Living.  Not only did it immediately sooth my parched, itchy legs and arms, it healed my skin within 3 days of using it.  My skin and I are so happy.  Lesson learned:  Don't ever put anything on your skin that you wouldn't ingest in your mouth.  Keep it clean! 



This is such a controversial and personal  choice.  The subject matter alone has divided family members and can result in heated discussions.  Today I listened to a speaker who made sense of it when he explained a different way of looking at the subject.   It does not have to be a “yes” or “no” decision whether to vaccinate.  Mark Blaxill talked extensively about alternative scheduling of vaccines so the child is not inundated with too many at one time, and he explains how to analyze each vaccine to weigh the risks and benefits to decide if each and every vaccine is necessary in your own opinion.  Fascinating information.  His new book: Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent’s Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family contains various charts with alternative schedules that might make more sense for your family.  He points out that 1986 is when autism dramatically increased in the US, and prior to that the major difference was the scheduling and spacing of the vaccines.  See Risks and Benefits chart for helpful questions to consider and look into.  His book also contains a more spaced vaccination schedule which is still acceptable to the schools.  



Putting essential oils on the bottom of your feet at night, such as lavender to promote restful sleep, is the most optimal location on your skin for absorption because our feet have the largest pores and they have so many of our nerve endings, which is why reflexology focuses on the feet for healing massage.